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We Say Speech recognises that every client is unique hence we offer both in-clinic and mobile services. This allows us to engage with clients wherever best suits them! 

We have a relaxed and inviting clinic space located in Tweed Heads as well as the capacity to travel to clients' homes, schools or centres to help fit therapy around their everyday routines. 

We recognise that all family life is busy (sometimes chaotic) and that speech is just a small part to fit into the weekly routines. Hence, we strive to do our best to work with families and other stakeholders to provide the most functionally relevant therapy for each individual. As a small business, we enjoy the benefits of providing truly personalised therapy and are genuine in our aim to put clients first. 

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Articulation therapy targets the ability to move the tongue, lips and palate, to produce the speech sounds needed to make up words and sentences which can be clearly and easily understood by others.

Expressive Language

Expressive language broadly refers to 'talking skills'. 
Therapy targets the ability to form phrases and sentences which are grammatically correct, use the most appropriate words and are clearly understood, either verbally or utilising an alternative system. Difficulties with expressive language will effect the individuals ability to communicate their needs and thoughts with those around them.

Receptive Language 

Receptive language broadly refers to 'understanding skills'.
Therapy targets the ability to understand words that are heard or read. Difficulties with receptive language will effect an individuals ability to follow direction, engage actively in conversations and understand written information.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication

Communication comes in many forms not just speech.
Therapy can help to guide clients and their families through the process of selecting and implementing communication mediums to support or supplement current skills, such as Key Word Signs, Picture Communication Exchange Cards, visual schedules and communication apps and devices.

Literacy for all ages

The ability to read, understand, spell words and write sentences and stories require a vast array of skills! 
All children require different levels of support with developing literacy skills. Therapy may begin with targeting foundational skills such as letter identification and rhyming, and work all the way up to conveying and understanding complex stories and ideas through print.

Pragmatics- Language Use

Sometimes clients may have exceptional language output and understanding skills, however have difficulty putting these skills to good functional use. Communication is not only about words and sentences, it encompasses everything from body language, turn-taking, facial expression to understanding jokes and sarcasm. Therapy can work to target these areas of difficulty to increase overall engagement and promote deeper connection.

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Fees and Funding Options

At We Say Speech we want to assist families to access the therapies they require in a way which suits their needs. We aim to provide families with a number of options for payments and flexible processes.

We Say Speech works using a simple hourly rate fee-for-service. Fees reflect not only the face-to-face session time but also the behind the scenes work such as time spent planning resources, reviewing assessment data and contacting other professionals or involved parties. 

Sessions length can vary as suited to the clients needs and capabilities. 

Assessment and progress reports are available on request and charged at the hourly rate.

Please get in touch today to find out the current hourly rate for services


NDIS is a funding scheme that has been allocated by the federal government, for early intervention and lifelong services for people who have been diagnosed with a disability. Children or Adults must first be assessed against the access requirement which can be accessed on their website or you can phone them on 1800 800 110.

We Say Speech is currently offering the following services to self and plan managed NDIS participants 

  • Service Agreement Plans

  • Reports/Assessments to support NDIS applications and reviews

  • 1:1 therapy sessions, delivered both face to face and via telehealth 

  • Community based therapy model without the expensive travel fees


We Say Speech clinicians are registered with Speech Pathology Australia and have a Medicare provider number. This means for eligible services, you may be able to claim with your private health fund, depending on your level of extras cover.

Some children may qualify for an Enhanced Primary Care Plan (EPC) under medicare, allowing access to a medicare rebate for up to 5 sessions a year. Your GP is able to write the plan and provide necessary paperwork.  An EPC provides up to 5 rebated sessions per calendar year. The current rebate as at July 2020, is $54.60, significantly reducing the out of pocket expense.

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Services & Fees: About
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