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Do I need a doctors referral before booking an initial session?

No, you don't need a doctors referral to book in to see a speech pathologist.

Do you have a wait list for new clients?

If there are no available times for appointments we do implement a waiting list. It is best to get in contact to find out if we currently have a waiting list in place for your region.

Just to clarify, what does a speech pathologist actually do?

Excellent question! 
Speech pathologists are specialised  professionals in all things communication and swallowing. This included both conducting assessments and providing tailored therapy to help clients learn new skills, maintain function or compensate using assistive technology. 
Speech pathologists work with clients from infancy through to end of life care and even age in-between! You find us in many different settings, from hospitals to nursing homes and schools to the community setting.

What should I expect from the initial session?

The initial session is dedicated building rapport and collecting information to help gain an understanding what areas the client needs help with. 
The clinician has a series of case history questions which will help them to understand the individual clients needs and inform recommendations for further assessment or observations. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and express which goals you would most like to work on. You may wish to have any relevant medical information, old reports or NDIS goals on hand to help with the information gathering process.

Where will sessions be held?

We Say is a mobile therapy service, which means we come to wherever is easiest for you! 
This often means that we hold session in the home, but we also travel to schools, child care, community centres, nursing homes and anywhere else clients spend their time really.
There is a strong evidence base showing the benefits of providing therapy in clients everyday environments, and at We Say we relish in the opportunity to improve functional communication by providing therapy where clients can use it most!

Are parents required to sit in sessions?

Parents are not required to sit in on all sessions, although they are always more than welcome!
Generally, it is very strongly recommended that parents are involved in at least the beginning or end part of therapy sessions, as we love to take this opportunity to empower you with knowledge and strategies to increase the carry over of results from therapy to real life.

How long are sessions?

Regular therapy sessions are 45 minuets of one to one therapy with the client and 15 minuets for the clinician to complete the necessary documentation following each session. In a bid to provide the optimal service for each individual client, We Say can sometimes offer shorter sessions depending on the clients needs and capabilities. 
Initial and formal assessment sessions can be longer, but this is again tailored to the individual clients needs and capabilities.


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